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TrueShare Enterprise Edition

TrueShare Enterprise Edition

With TrueShare Enterprise Edition you get all the power and control of TrueShare's web-based file services hosted in a dedicated capacity designed to your specifications.

Enterprise Edition Features

Dedicated Storage

The files in your TrueShare Enterprise Edition are stored on their own dedicated drive volume on the TrueShare SAN. Volume can be formatted with an encrypted file system. For added security of all your files, this drive volume can be formatted with an encrypted file system to protect them completely from unauthorized access.

Dedicated URL Dedicated URL
You provide the domain name you want to access your TrueShare under and we do the rest.

Private Label Fully Private Labeled
Integrated login access available from your company website combined with the ability to apply your company colors and graphics AND your own specific domain name give you true private labeling to represent your company and brand from within your TrueShare service.

Be Free of FTP Be Free of FTP By implementing TrueShare in the enterprise you give your organization an easy to use and easy to support file system that supports large file transfers and file sharing from any web connection. The benefits are many:

  • Reduce help desk and desktop support calls
  • Eliminate FTP Client License fees
  • Eliminate FTP client & server software installs and updates
  • Eliminate expensive hardware and people to maintain an FTP Server
  • Eliminate the complexities of FTP completely!
password protection ensures your files as secure