Release Notes

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Release Number: 3.1.0 Release Date: 06/12/2008
General Release Notes
Release Features

1. Complete redesign of the public website.

2. Introduction of Individual accounts.

3. Introduction of TrueShare for Windows software suite. (TrueShare Explorer, Drop Box, and Auto Tran)

4. Access your TrueShare account from your mobile device with TrueShare Mobile.

5. Configurable Folders view: Tree View or Drop Down View

6. Configurable File Upload options (Single File, Java Multi File, ActiveX Multi File)

7. Configurable Files view: List View, Icon View, or Tile View

Release Number: 3.0.4 Release Date: 02/08/2008
General Release Notes
Release Features

1. Alerts Consolidation a. New Files b. New Release Notes c. Java Issues

2. Relocate the Confidentiality Statement

3. Release notes sections

4. Pay by Check Statement Email

Release Number: 3.0.3 Release Date: 01/31/2008
General Release Notes
Release Features

1. Advanced Session Management (enhanced time out management)

2. Better Java version detection and Error Management

3. New File notification functionality

4. Set pagination on all reports, make columns sort able, and include the arrow indicator

Release Number: 3.0.2 Release Date: 01/18/2008
General Release Notes
Release Features

1. Added File Copy Functionality and Added in a new Transaction Type for Copy

2. Added Send-A-Link Functionality

3. Added File Action Menu

4. Added administrator reports a. SAL b. User Logins c. User Emails

5. FAQ section in Support

6. User’s Guide New Version v4.9.0.0

7. Adding multiple emails to a user account

8. Adding multiple emails to a TrueShare Creator account

9. User Ability to specify (or not) (By user or Work Group) a default folder that will be opened when loading the Files page. This functionality should be available on the User Profile page for those users that are given that link permission, the User Accounts/User Setup page for those that are not given the link to the User Profile page and the Work Groups interface

Release Number: 3.0.1 Release Date: 01/13/2008
General Release Notes
Release Features

1. Support for FireFox

2. Support for Opera

3. Support for Mac browsers

4. Extended Java Version detection

5. Customized notification email template

6. New color selector palette

7. New login snipet customization

8. Extended Client Site Integration Code Snippet Customization and Snippet Preview

9. Ability to Redirect to a site of your choice from the Snippet on Logout

Release Number: 3.0.0 Release Date: 01/06/2008
General Release Notes
Release Features

1. Completed our group-up re-architecture and re-write.

2. Enhanced user permissions

3. User Profile maintenance Added the ability for an administrator to give permissions to a user to manage their personal information

4. Extended Transaction Log capabilities New Transaction Types (Move and Zipped-File Download) Advanced Search (User Group Transactions and Work Groups Transactions)

5. New Feedback feature

6. Extended Bug tracking and resolution

7. Extended Customization Options

8. Integrated Support Functionality

9. Selected Folder Highlight